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The Pan-African Society of Cardiology (PASCAR)

Had its beginnings in 1981 in Badagry, Nigeria.

PASCAR is an organization of physicians from across Africa involved in prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and is concerned by the lack of progress in the diagnosis and effective treatment of cardiovascular disease across Africa.

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Mediterranean and Gulf Urological Forum(MGUF)

The forum will act through its main core of e xperience exchange with highlighting the topics of controversy not only in urology but also in other related specialties (nephrology, radiology, medical oncology, reconstructive and pediatric surgery and gynecology). To achieve this objective the form will do all the effort to facilitate continuous communication between their members through free online open access to represent their rare and difficult cases. In addition to the annual meeting which will provide a direct communications between professionals from both regions.

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Hellenic Urological Association (HOS)

Founded in 1931, ceased operations in 1937, reopened in 1949 and since then its work continues without interruption with the same title. Today HOS, has approximately 1100 members, of which about 900 are regularly (specialized Urologists) and 200 assessors (junior Urologists).

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Spanish Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology(SEAIC)

Professional, scientific society, non - profit organization that operates throughout the Spanish territory and is made up of professionals who work in the study of diseases of the immune mechanism, particularly hypersensitivity.

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Institute Of Medical Education Development (IOMED)

IOMED is an international scientific and educational organization with board members from across the globe. It is committed to provi de opportunities for the purpose of advancing medical education, development and research in all specialties of medicine.

IOMED is associated with many of the world’s top physicians, professors, and researchers aiming to effectively contribute to the ext ensiveness and profundity of the expertise, experience and resources shared and exchanged in the conferences, meetings and seminars it organizes. IOMED is committed to provide the most up - to - date medial techniques and technologies in all areas of medicine vital to the continued advancement of the medical community and quality improved patient care.

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The Egyptian Society of Allied Sciences for Pediatric Otolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery(ESASPO)

Providing health providers in the field of pediatric otolaryngology and head and neck diseases with the most recent updates in the field, to increase the collaboration between different concerned departments, and try to unify the strategies in manage ment of conditions to meet the demands and facilities available in the area.

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